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AniBuddy Animation studio is the service wing powered by Sanju Designer Factory Pvt. Ltd. which was established in December 2018. Since 2019 AniBuddy is working with all types of 3D Animation and 2D Animations for TVCs, Animation Production, and to make things easy to understand visually. Team AniBuddy is dedicated to the work of their passion by collaborating with the Production house, TV Channel, and or Organization. Being the most Versatile Animation studio, AniBuddy has all the essential potential to satisfy the requirements like AR-VR, 2D Animation, Motion capture, etc.,


mr. Sanjay Gondaliya

Co-Founder & CEO

Founder and Chairman of multiple businesses and running them smoothly at the time with experience and long vision, Mr. Sanjay Gondaliya saw the dream to create Surat Hub of Animation and founded the Sanju Designer Factory Pvt. Ltd. to make it large. With his guidance of him, Anibuddy sets the pioneer structure and works with its mission and vision to deliver the best.

Mr. Akash Ukani

Co-founder & COO

A graduate in Zoology from The M. S. University of Baroda, Gujarat, and then from the Department of Performing arts, Baroda, Mr. Akash Ukani has over 6 years of experience in commercial theatre, Advertisement, and Documentary Fields. He has written and directed 3 Theatre play named “Tatv thi Satva”, “Afva ni Aandhi”, and “Love Online”. And now he is performing the role of director in the digital world of theatre “Animation”. He brings a wealth of experience and aesthetics to our projects.

Mr. Zeel Nakrani

Co-founder & CMO

Took the training from the ZICA, Mr. Zeel Nakrani has 360 degrees of technical deep knowledge for Animation. He sacrificed and invested the time to create a team from the pioneer. Because of his countless efforts, passion, and dedication, he got all the respect of the team, A result-oriented, and decisive leader, and he is also a persuasive communicator with a knack for success. Responsible for the marketing, sales & syndication of the content of the company worldwide, Zeel also looks into the co-production and digital content platform of the company.

Mr. Ankur Rudani

Co-Founder & CFO

With over 5 years long experience across all aspects of the video production process including creative development to final output, Ankur is one of the most well-rounded creative professionals on the boat. His credentials include professional degrees including Cost & Works Accountants and a Management degree with a specialization in Finance. He is Cheif in charge of all the expenses, and budgets for the company and outsourcing the project.

Nikhil Thakar

Chief Technical Officer

Rushi Sonar

Project Coordinator

Bhavesh Katariya

Project Coordinator

Prince Dholariya

Team Leader: 3D Modeling Department

Prashant Ukani

Team Leader: 3D Animation Department

Rajnik Ratanpara

Team Leader: YouTUbe Production

Axita Beladiya

3D Modeler & Texturing artist

Sujit Parmar

3D CGI Modeler & Texturing Artist

Meet Katakiya

3D CGI Modeler & Texturing artist

Deepak Sharma

Jr. 3D Modeler & Texturing Artist

Tarun Rawat

Jr. 3D Modeler & Texturing Artist

Robin Ram

Jr. 3D Modeler & Texturing Artist

Om Bhagat

Jr. 3D Rigging Artist & Animator

Yashika Rakholiya

3D Modeler & 2D Animator

Sanket Thummar

Jr. 3D Animator & Rigger

Yash Patel

Motion Graphic Artist & Compositor

Vishal Vala

Motion Graphic Artist & Compositor

We are always looking for new talents

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